Garage Painting - Part 2

Posted by Steve Cuddihy On Saturday, August 13, 2016 0 comments
If you missed the beginning of this adventure or want to see the original color of the garage, here is the link to part 1: Garage Painting - Part 1

I'm sure my father told me this when I was very young, if your painting a house, or a garage in this case, always start in the back and work your way to the front. It kinda made sense as a youth, but didn't think much of it until I was in my 20's. I had gone over to a friends house for BBQing. When I pulled up to their house it was painted a dark blue color. Very nice I must say. Went inside, said our hellos and finally adventured to their back yard. There it was, it all made sense finally, peeling gray paint in the back of the house.

So naturally I asked about the blue paint color in the front. Their response surprised me as it they had painted the front almost two years prior. It was bigger project than they expected and was going to finish the next weekend. Fast forward two years and they have never painted the back of their home.

So yes, always start in the back.

Naturally my wife and I did start in the back of the garage. We had purchased paint three years ago when we were going to originally start the project, but then we must have ran out of warm weather and pushed it to the next year, and then the next yet year obviously. And finally a third summer is when we did finally start the garage painting project. Though, last year I guess I did start the fascia boards. They all had to be replaced, so technically it did start last summer, just didn't get to the bigger part of the project until this summer.

We could tell from the first coat of paint that the garage would require two coats of paint. The original one gallon was so old, the paint started thinning. It looked terrible when it went onto the garage. So yes, a second coat was required to cover then terrible first coat of paint.

Naturally we ran out of paint and needed a second gallon to complete the primer coat. The only bad part was, the color mix chart on the top of the paint can was damaged, so when I brought it to Menards to match it up, they couldn't figure out what color to make. So they used their color analyzer to match it the best they could. Unfortunately, it was a bit darker when they mixed it, so as you can see, now we have two slightly different colors of paint for our base coat.

Our base coat is completed, and the two toned look is almost okay actually, but not how we needed it to look. But honestly, it almost looked like that was what we were trying to do. So this time when I went back to Menards, I  brought a piece of our house siding so they could figure out the correct color we needed. This time, it was a perfect match!

It's quite the change from the white garage with forest green trim. You can see a bit of that color scheme on our house porch.

The finished project, the last coat is completed. This adventure is now over. Though we do have a couple odds and end to finish up, but mainly small trim work and I must replace the service door yet.