Drywall and Recessed Boxes

Posted by Steve Cuddihy On Saturday, November 26, 2016 0 comments
It has been a while since I've posted an update to the Family Room Remodel project. I have everything done inside the wall that I can do. We just had the cable company out to install the final line that I needed for the lower custom Wall Plate that I had built from RiteAV. In my lower wall plate I have three HDMI ports, one coax port, and two network ports. I also have a pass through port, incase I needed something later and finally I have another speaker wire wall plate for the surround sound. Lots of wires!

I have installed the Drywall finally, cut my opening for the lower wall plate and I've added a four gang recessed box for my wall plates. I'm pretty sure I found that via Amazon. 

I put labels on all of the cables that were similar, mainly the speaker wires. It certainly does look like a mess coming from there and my wife wasn't quite sure what to think of all of the wires, but I asured here we needed them all for this project and they all had a purpose. 

The backside of the RiteAV Wall Plate is packed so nice and tight, but it is a very simple product, easy to use and you can customize your ports to your liking. There are no wire splicing whatsoever, you just connect the cables right to the correct ports.

When everything is connected, in place and completed, we are left with this wonderful looking setup. Doesn't this have a nice, clean professional look to it?

In the meantime, I was building the recessed box that will house the HDTV, which I neglected to take any photos of until it was finished. I used my Kreg jig for this project. The box dimensions are right around 5' x 3' with a depth of six inches. It will hold a 65" HDTV with about an inch border around to spare.

This is my original TV stand bracket that I purchased. I have another blog post coming about why I had to purchase a second one. This one was cheep, about 20 bucks.

In the upper Wall Plate box, I'm using a three gang that will house electrical, another pass through and one more custom RiteAV plate, but only four ports for this one, three HDMI and one network port.

With everything in place, it all has the familiar professional looking feel to it. I'm very happy with how it turned out.

This became a favorite resting spot for my cat Lily before the TV was installed.

The second recessed box I need to build has dimensions of 2'6" x 3' with a 10" depth. This box will have a couple of shelves and will hold decorative items.

Both boxes are installed and I have the holes drilled for the shelves. I made them adjustable as I'm unsure what we will put on these shelves currently.

It's coming along great and we are getting close to finishing phase one of this project. Next up is painting, and moving the top wall plate.