Framing The Stud Wall

Posted by Steve Cuddihy On Monday, June 20, 2016 0 comments
The best of my planning for this project, I have to keep reminding myself to take photos as I progress. So when I realized I hadn't taken any project photos yet, I had the 2" insulated foam board in place. I needed nine feet of board and the 4'x8' boards left me a foot short, thus I had to purchase to sheets to span the wall at $25 a piece. At least I'll have a little extra for the next wall that needs insulation. I also have the new electrical line routed through the foam board and a few upright boards in place. Quite a bit of work before I took the first photo of the day.

The studs went up rather easy. Nice and simple, however, once I was completed, I realized I had made an error. On either side of the area for the HDTV, I left a seven inch wall frame, however, in the corner of my studs, I did not leave the seven inches of wall. The left opening will house decorative items with shelves, but I need it to be uniform.

It was a simple retrofit correction, but it looks so much better already. I scabbed in another full height stud to complete the symmetric look. It must have been a cold night as I have three bundles of wood waiting for me to carry over to my fireplace on the other side of this room.

One last photo of the stud frame. I have also expanded the electrical box from one outlet into two outlets, giving me four plugins for the lower wall. I'm also routing power up to the television area and will have a single outlet the top portion of the wall. You can just make out the wire sitting on top of the 2" foam board. It will sit there until I build the recessed box is in place.

This was the first real progress I have made on the new wall construction. I have just purchased speaker wire and will get that in place. Then I need to deal with moving the light switches as they are currently behind the wall.


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