Finishing The Details

Posted by Steve Cuddihy On Monday, June 12, 2017 0 comments
With my son's Graduation Open House less than two weeks away, things are a bit chaotic around here. I'm trying to finish this room, among completing other tasks around our home. I am surprised by how time consuming these last few details are taking in this room. Or maybe it's due to the open house date is approaching fast, graduation stress around the house, and everything else in between just compounds my anxiety level. 

The plan was the replace the inside house door, but I've decided to just paint it white. I've also added in the baseboard because the carpet is going to be installed in a few days and they requested to install the baseboard before the carpet goes down. Easy and fast install for that. 

I've removed the last of the ugly grey carpet from the stairwell and we are painting the woodwork that lines the stairs white to match.

I already like the look of this, but will need to put a darker color of paint on the walls. We've discussed staining the steps a dark wood color, but have decided since it's cold in the winters here in Minnesota, we are staying with carpet.

That two inch strip between the door and the wall, but under the ledge was the final piece of drywall that I needed to repair. I had skipped this portion because the trim work would cover the majority of what was visible. In the end, I decided to update it so it looks like it should. Everything is fresh and new at last. Oh, and the door is in process of being painted white!

Oddly enough, I've had no trim around this door for so long, I cant recall how this looked when I removed it. They must have notched the door trim and left the shelf intact. The wood for the shelf is original, and I'm going to notch that instead of the door trim.

It's coming along well. The trim is in place, the door has it's final coat of paint. There wont be enough time to replace the tile in the entryway before the open house, so that will be skipped for now. It least there is a bit of the original tile left in place.

I also had a few areas where I did not paint enough grey on the walls, so I had to do some touch up painting. See? A lot of details to finish.

Well, the room is ready for carpet, however, I just received a call from the installers. There will not be carpet installation today. This is being rescheduled for next week as they had a delay in getting our carpet to their shop and cut to size. Ahhhh. At least my cat Lily is loving the emptiness of the room and the new surface to lay on.


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