Painting The Windows

Posted by Steve Cuddihy On Monday, May 22, 2017 0 comments
I do believe I've completed the biggest portions in my Family Room Remodel project. I have carpet installing in about a week, but I have a local store doing that for me. Now it's all about finishing the details, but as I make the list of small details to finish up, the list is incredibly long. 

Fill nail holes, paint the trim, add baseboard, finish window trim, finish the entryway, finish the sub-floor in the hallway, tear the carpet off the stairs, paint, paint, paint and more paint! The list is only a partial list. 

My home has a partial basement, so we have the ledge around the foundation to deal with in every room. On the TV wall, I've eliminated this but the rest of my basement will have this ledge. I had removed the board on the half wall about 15 years ago when I originally attempted to remodel this room. I disliked most everything I did to the room at the time, so I stopped working on it. 

Originally the room was white walls with brown accent color. It was an odd combo, but adding paint and removing some of the brown at the time just made it worse. To finally get rid of all of the brown this year puts a smile on my face. Now that I think about it more, the white walls were actually paneling nailed over drywall. Where there paneling edges came together, there was a brown piece of wood cover them. I'm unsure if I even have any photos of the original room.

I started by sanding the ledge. I totally loved the look of it in the photo, however we are painting it white. You can see the original brown color on the window sill ledge. There is also a splash of green on the end of that ledge from my original attempt at remodeling. 

The blue tape goes on and the painting begins! And yes, I will remove the hardware before I start the paint on the windows.

It will take four coats of paint to stop the brown color from bleeding through the white, but oh my this looks wonderful now. I need to add a blank wall cover to my list of things to purchase to cover that old cable inlet. We will never use that outlet again.

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